What You Need to Know About Cigars

A cigar could be a good present if you got a friend or relative who is an ardent cigar smoker. However, picking the right cigar can be quite challenging. You can get a few tips from expert cigar smokers from the Scotch & Cigars Twitter account. Besides, here are some basic pointers to consider when buying a cigar for your friends or family members.cigar rolls

The Size

cigar stickThere are numerous methods of categorizing cigars: size, shape, strength, their nation of origin, and also whether they are hand-rolled or machine-rolled. The most typical approach to classify a cigar would be by size. That is the cigar’s measure in inches and cigar diameter. They are measured in 64ths of an inch, and a name is connected with every ring size. These would be the cigar titles you might be acquainted with. The biggest cigar size is 9 inches in length, with a size 52 ring dimension.

After selecting a cigar according to dimensions, you may begin to whittle down your options by selecting the outside wrapper’s color. There are over a hundred different wrapper colors. Flared and pyramids are common shapes. When picking the cigar, always go for hand-rolled ones.

The Type of Flavors

It would be best if you opted for cigars with mild flavors to start with. You can then buy some with intense flavors if you are sure the recipient likes the taste. Mild tastes typically cost less than more powerful cigars, and also you won’t lose as much cash as they learn the way to cut the ends appropriately.

Smoking and Storage

Please do not keep your cigars in a fridge since it is going to make them dry. Also, throw away cigars used cigars. You can try out beverages to boost your cigar’s taste, like port wine, or scotch. Don’t use paper games to light your cigar. Utilize a butane lighter. Wooden matches are OK, but be sure that you allow the sulfur to burn away first. Whenever you’re finished with your cigar, don’t snuff, it leaves an unpleasant odor.

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